50 Shades of Listen to Your Mother!

The list for the new Listen To Your Mother DC 2015 cast is up here. Congratulations to all who are joining the family including my writing group member, Caron Martinez.

A year ago, when I joined my writing partner Melissa Scholes Young on the LYTM cast list, I thought I had a complete memoir manuscript about my childhood experiences growing up non-Mormon in Utah. Life kept happening though. As my story grew, I started adding, and taking away, and adding, and taking away. I gained a fabulous reader along the journey in Deb Werrlein, a fellow LTYM alum. Currently, I am revising my manuscript for a March 15 deadline.  I look forward to submitting my work to Kate Hopper and meeting her at River Teeth Nonfiction Conference in late May for a consultation. Between now and then, I will take time to build new relationships within the LTYM community and become an audience member once again for the May 3, 2015 show.

If you’re one of the new cast members who is trolling blogs to find out what you got yourself into, I can only offer you this: like motherhood, it will be different from what you imagine. If it helps, you can watch my video clip here and read my reflection on the day of the show here. Good luck.